Redox signalling and cancer biomarkers


Our interests are above referred to oxidative stress, redox regulation in normal and tumoral cells. In particular, our studies are developed mitochondrial redox regulation especially in relation with glutathione and thioredoxin systems. Thioredoxin system- thioredoxin, thioredoxin reductase and peroxiredoxins-is analyzed also in relation to redox signalling. Inhibitors of thioredoxin reductase such as metal complexes are evaluated and consequently the redox state of the protein targets are investigated.

A second topic of interest is the role of antioxidant molecules in human nutrition.



J Med Chem Award 2012.pdf J Med Chem Award 2012

Highly Cited Paper Thioredoxin reductase: A target for gold compounds acting as potential anticancer drugs



Federica Tonolo:

Laura Moretto:


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