2008-present Assistant Professor of General Pathology, Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Padova.

2005-2008 Post-doctoral fellow, Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine (VIMM) and Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Padova.

2004 PhD in molecular and cell biology. University of Torino, Italy.

2003-2005 Research fellow (2003-2004) and post-doctoral fellow (2004-2005), Institute of Biochemistry, University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

1999-2002 Research fellow, Cutaneous Biology Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Charlestown, USA.

1998-1999 Research fellow, Department of Pharmacy, University of Padova.

1998 Master degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, cum laude (University of Padova).

1996 Undergraduate Erasmus student, Department of Chemistry of North Wales, Bangor, UK.

In the context of the mitochondrial Ca2+ signalling unit, Dr. Mammucari is developing two different research lines.
She is investigating the pathophysiological role of mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake and oxidative metabolism in the control of skeletal muscle homeostasis. Loss of muscle mass and performance occur during pathological conditions like disuse, denervation, starvation and cancer and contribute to the worsening of life expectancy. In addition, muscle atrophy accompanies aging. Therapeutic strategies aimed to preserve muscle mass are of key importance, but they are still limited. The aim of the project is to investigate whether novel therapies can by envisioned by modulating mitochondrial Ca2+ signalling.
e second project aims at unraveling the role of mitochondrial Ca2+ signalling in cancer and how the modulation of mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake affects tumor progression and metastasis formation. Whether mitochondrial Ca2+ signalling is translated into stimulation of metabolism or cell death in cancer is currently being explored.


5 Selected publications:

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