Scientific Education

1998 Degree in Biological Science, University of Padova.

2003 PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics, Dep. of Biological Chemistry, University of Padova.

Working Experiences

2003-2005 Postdoctoral research fellowship, Dep. of Biological Chemistry, University of Padova.

2006-2015 Research Associate, University of Padova.

2015-present Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Dep. of Biomedical Sciences, University of Padova.

Teaching Activity

Chemistry and Biochemistry for different Courses of the Medical School, University of Padova.

2014-present: faculty member of the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences, University of Padova.


Our primary research interest lies in the field of phosphoproteomes (with a particular interest on acidic phosphoproteomes) and signaling pathways controlled by protein kinases. In the last years we are assisting to a rapid and enormous expansion of mass spectrometry technologies combined with innovative experimental strategies that have given a tremendous boost to the identification of phosphosites in proteins. This huge amount of phosphosites is largely uncharacterized and almost completely unknown is the impact of these modifications on protein and cell functions. Our current research projects all relate to work out regulatory mechanisms based on phosphorylation in different signal transduction pathways; this entails the analysis of phosphopeptide databases, the characterization of the cellular functions of phosphosites identified in key proteins implied in human diseases and the identification of the involved kinases. Knowledge of the functional link between kinase and specific phosphosites is indeed of keen interest as protein kinases could represent important pharmacological targets for the treatment of many human disorders.



PLOS ONE Academic Editor




·         COZZA G., SALVI M. (2018) The acidophilic kinases Plk2 and PLK3: structure, function and inhibition.  Current Protein & Peptide Science 19.

·         BORGO C, FRANCHIN C., SCALCO S., DONELLA-DEANA A., ARRIGONI G*., SALVI M*., PINNA L.A.* (2017) Generation and quantitative proteomics analysis of CK2a/a’(-/-) cell. Scientific Reports 7:42409. doi: 10.1038/srep42409.

·         KOFOED R.H., ZHENG J., FERREIRA N., LYKKE-ANDERSEN S., SALVI M., BETZER C., REIMER L., JENSEN T.H., FOG K., JENSEN PH (2017) Polo-like kinase 2 modulates a-synuclein protein levels by regulating its mRNA transcription. Neurobiology of Disease 106:49-62.

·         SALVI M., C. RAIBORG, P.I. HANSON, C. CAMPSTEIJN, H. STENMARK, L.A. PINNA (2014) CK2 involvement in ESCRT-III complex phosphorylation. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 545, 83-91.

·         FRACHIN C, CESARO L., PINNA L.A., ARRIGONI G., SALVI M. (2014) Identification of the PLK2-dependent phosphopeptidome by quantitative proteomics. PLOS ONE, 9(10):e111018.

    Co-Author of more than 60 publications on international journals.



    • 2000 COST Award (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and technical research), to visit Prof. Christoph Richter, ETH, Zurich.
    • 2002 COST Award (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and technical research), to visit Prof. Thomas Weiger, Institute of Zoology, University of Salzburg.
    • 2003 EMBO-Short Term Fellowship, to visit Prof. Sir P. Cohen, MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit, Dundee, Scotland.
    • 2013 EMBO-Short Term Fellowship, to visit Prof. Harald Stenmark, Department of Biochemistry, Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo, Norway.
    • Fondazione Ricerca Fibrosi Cistica (FFC)
    • University of Padova
    • AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research)