1970    Graduated with honours in Biological Sciences at the University of Padova
1971  Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Padova.
1980-81 Post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Biological Chemistry, Medical School, University of Dundee.
1983    Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Medical School, University of Padova.
1990-present  Member of PhD School of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Padova.
2001-present  Full Professor of Biochemistry, Medical School, University of Padova.

Signaling mediated by phosphorylation in different diseases
Nearly all aspects of cell life and death are regulated by protein phosphorylation, a post-transductional process controlled through the concerted action of protein kinases and protein phosphatases, whose dysregulation often is responsible for global diseases with special reference to neoplasia. Our research is addressed to the study of the aberrant phosphorylation signaling occurring in pathological cells with the aim of highlighting anomalous properties of protein kinases, phosphatases, and downstream effectors and of identifying new pharmacological targets for the design of innovative therapeutic drugs. Using specific inhibitors directed to key phospho/dephosphorylating enzymes we are investigating the molecular mechanisms that underlie the initiation and/or maintenance of the perturbed cell conditions. Ongoing research is focused on: i) the signalings promoting protein synthesis, proliferation and imatinib-resistance in chronic myeloid leukemia, a malignancy driven by a fusion gene encoding the constitutively active tyrosine kinase Bcr-Abl ii) the insulin-induced phosphorylation pathways, whose deregulation might be involved in obesity and diabetes iii) The implication of protein kinase CK2 in the premature degradation of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator bearing the Phe-508 deletion (delF508-CFTR), which is the by far commonest cause of the cystic fibrosis.
She is author of more than 150 original papers published in international journals, is a biochemist with high expertise in the field of protein phosphorylation/dephosphorylation. Through a network of international collaborations, she studied the site specificity, the structural features underlying the regulation/deregulation and targeting, the specific substrates and cellular biochemistry of protein kinases implicated in signal transduction and anomalous cell proliferation. Due to the role of these enzymes, work has been also dedicated to the identification of highly selective inhibitors to be employed as potential therapeutic drugs.
In the Research Profile on BiomedExperts (http//www.biomedexperts.com) her name is in the top list for the issues Src-family kinases and phosphotyrosine.


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